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 Tender No: CIL/SECURITY/GEN/2023-24/05

NAME OF WORK: “Security services for the Solar Plants on the premises of Cochin International Airport”

CIAL Infrastructures Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as ‘CIL’), a subsidiary of Cochin International Airport Ltd., proposes to entrust the security services for the solar plants on the premises of Cochin International Airport to a competent agency. The plant is located at three different locations in the airport premises. CIL now invites sealed tender under two-bid system from eligible agencies for the subject work.
The scope of services broadly includes, but not restricted to the following:
  1. The agency shall provide security services for the solar plants in the Cochin International Airport premises at three different locations as given below and should ensure protection of the personnel & property, prevent trespass in the assigned area and perform watch and ward functions including patrolling during day time throughout the plant premises to prevent the entry of stray dogs, cattle, anti-social elements, unauthorized persons and vehicles into the said premises.
    1.  14.4MWp Solar PV Plant situated near cargo building at Cochin International Airport premises
    2.  5.8MWp Solar Plant in front of CIAL Trade Fair Centre
    3.  2 MW Solar PV Plants situated at southern side of runway at Cochin International Airport premises 
  2. Periphery Surveillance of the Solar plant through CCTV cameras to prevent unauthorized access and any intrusions into the premises.
  3. Maintenance of Entry Registers for Plant staffs, labourers, Vehicle and Material Movement through the entry gates.
  4. Ensuring Safe Custody of items registered in security store book including keys, spares etc.
  5. No items are allowed to be taken out without proper Gate Passes issued by the competent officers as laid down in the contract or authorized by the employer for in-out movement of stores. The specimen signatures and telephone numbers of the above stated officers should be available with the Security personnel.
  6. Deployment of Guards will be as per the instructions of the authorities of the CIAL INFRA and the same will be monitored personally by the concerned authorities from time to time.
  7. The Security Guards/Supervisors should be trained to extinguish fire with the help of fire extinguishing cylinders and other firefighting material available on the spot. They will also help the firefighting staff in extinguishing the fire or in any other natural calamities.
  8. In emergency situations, security staff deployed shall also participate as per their role defined in the disaster plan, if any, of CIAL INFRA. Guards/Supervisors should be sensitized for their role in such situations.
  9. CIAL INFRA reserves the right to modify these responsibilities or add new responsibilities and the same will be binding on the contractor.

Agencies fulfilling the following requirements shall be eligible for pre-qualification:
  1. Security agencies, who are Indian Registered Public / Private Limited Companies/Partnerships/ proprietary concerns providing security services for at least the last three consecutive years and having receipts (turnover) from security services of at least Rs.100 lakhs during any one of the last three financial years.
  2. The bidder should have a single contract for providing security services with any of the reputed organization with a contract value of more than Rs.50 Lakhs/per annum in any of the last three years. (Completion certificate from the client needs to be attached as proof).
  3. The bidder should have a valid PF as well as ESI registration. Relevant registration documents shall be submitted as proof of the same.
  4. The bidder should not have been blacklisted by any Government organization or Public Sector undertaking at any time.
  5. Joint ventures will not be permitted to participate in this tender.
Applications for issue of tender documents along with the prescribed cost of bid document shall be submitted by bidders at the office of CIAL Infrastructures Ltd., not later than 29th January 2024. The bid documents will be sold on payment as prescribed above, from 19th January 2024 to 29th January 2024, during working hours from the Office of CIAL Infrastructures Ltd., Near CIASL Academy, Cochin International Airport, Kochi Airport P.O., Nedumbassery, Ernakulam – 683 111.


The cost of bid document to be issued to the bidders is Rs.1,050/- (Cost of TENDER document- Rs.1000/-+ GST @ 5%-Rs. 50/-.). Those who wish to collect the documents by post shall remit Rs.1,550/- (Cost of tender document inclusive of GST- Rs. 1,050/-+ Postage charges-Rs.500/-). The cost of tender documents, as applicable, shall be remitted as Cash/E-transfer / DD drawn in favour of CIAL Infrastructures Ltd., payable at Ernakulam.

The period of contract shall be 3 years from the site hand over date after issue of work order to the successful tenderer.
Tenders shall be submitted along with an EMD of Rs.25,000.00 (Rupees Twenty-Five Thousand Only) in the form of a Demand Draft drawn in favour of CIAL Infrastructures Ltd., payable at Ernakulam.
The tender shall be submitted under two-bid system (Pre-qualification Bid and Price Bid). Tender documents are to be submitted in two envelopes viz: No.1 - Pre-qualification documents and No. 2 – Price Bid. The details of documents to be submitted with each envelope are given below.
A.     Envelope No.1 (Pre- qualification Bid)
Envelope No-1 shall contain the following documents;
  1. Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) as specified above
  2. Unconditional Acceptance Letter as per Annexure A
  3. Documentary proof for experience of the agency in the relevant field for more than 3 years as specified in the Eligibility criteria.
  4. Audited balance sheet and Profit & Loss for the last 3 financial years
  5. Client certificate to show single contract value of Rs.50 Lakhs in any of the last three years
  6. Copies of PF and ESI Registration Certificates as specified in the Eligibility criteria
  7. An undertaking from the Bidder stating that the agency have not been blacklisted by any Government organization or Public Sector undertaking at any time.
  8. Authority letter in original or attested by notary not more than one year old of the firm/tenderer in favour of the person who has signed the tender documents with telephone no. and complete postal address.
B. Envelope Marked – 2 (Price Bid)
Bid document in original and completed duly filled and signed by the Authorized Signatory on all pages.

Both these envelopes shall be enclosed in a bigger envelope super-scribed as “Security services for the solar plants on the premises of Cochin International Airport” and submitted at the office of CIAL Infrastructures Ltd, Kochi Airport P O, Nedumbassery, Ernakulam on or before 15.00 hours on 06th February 2024.

Envelope No.1 containing the EMD and pre-qualification documents shall be opened first
at 15.30 hours on 06th February 2024.

Price Bids (Envelope No.2) of only those pre-qualified bidders shall be opened subsequently. Envelope – 2 of those bidders who do not qualify as per the prescribed eligibility criteria shall be returned unopened. The bidders are therefore advised to strictly go through the all the tender conditions and enclose all the required documents to prove their credentials for pre-qualification as per the prescribed eligibility criteria in Envelope No.1, failing which their bids are liable to be rejected.

Any application received after the stipulated date and time shall be liable to be rejected.

CIAL Infrastructures Ltd. also reserve all rights to reject any or all the bids received, without assigning any reason whatsoever.
The Chairman
CIAL Infrastructures Ltd.,
Cochin International Airport Building, Kochi Airport P.O.,
Nedumbasserry, Ernakulam, Kerala – 683 111
Phone: 0484 - 2611380, 4024032, Mob: 9496337043
E-Mail: info@cialinfra.in, maryaricatt@cialinfra.in

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